Socks & Tights is the most specialized brand for everything related to women’s, men’s and children’s socks as well as women’s tights and leggings.
Also, you can find separate underwear with the right fit and high quality material and construction, the most basic factors to ensure health, especially for women, but also for men and children.
Socks & Tights creates for you, the most modern and durable solutions for every health condition, occasion, need and style, always friendly to the human body.

Sport equipment
Until now, the sports sets we usually saw were at least boring. Admit it! Who said that we can not be “in” fashion when we choose a healthier lifestyle? Ignore them!

Socks & Tights, in its effort to make you feel absolutely confident and “in” fashion in every moment of your life, presents a new series with amazing sports outfits to dress your every sports activity with what fashion protects!

Socks & Tights is able to offer you ideal suggestions to highlight your beauty at any time of the day, whatever you do. Just take a look at the new sports outfits and discover how stylish and impressive you can be! Isn’t that amazing?

Socks – Tights – Leggings
As our foot is locked in a shoe and sock for maybe more than 12 hours a day, it requires proper treatment because it is the base of the body and from there pass all the nerves of the brain, heart and other vital organs. Similarly, our body can suffocate in inappropriate tights.
Choosing the right sock and tights is the best thing to ensure
a healthy foot environment. When the foot suffers from a tight shoe or a non-absorbent sock, our attention is distracted and our daily life becomes from difficult to unbearable.
For any health issue, following the medical recommendation of the podiatrist or orthopedist, Socks & Tights suggests the ideal solution to minimize the problem.
Find at Socks & Tights specialized products for men and women that will help with any health condition such as:
The stench of the feet
Excessive sweating
Standing up
The varicose veins
Traffic problems

Socks & Tights has over 1,000 different designs for women in socks, tights and leggings and over 500 socks designs for men, in classic and modern lines, in a very large color palette that covers all sizes.
For every occasion, we are your reliable and up-to-date destination for socks, tights and leggings with the most fashionable proposals:
For the office
For formal wear
For everyday wear
For sports such as hiking, hunting, skiing, cycling, tennis, football, etc.
Even Socks & Tights, gives you the freedom to experiment with your appearance, to give a happy tone or to follow the style you want through an extremely wide range of products that we have created and are constantly updating, just for you!

Find with us products that will “embrace” every style and will help you to highlight it with more specialized products, such as socks, tights and leggings:

For the type of shoe you will wear, such as a ballerina or a light sandal For the color or shade you want to match your outfit. For the pattern or design that you like such as plaid, stripes, polka dots, etc. For the specific piece that you saw on the catwalk or the magazine and you loved it!

All your needs and possible preferences are fully covered by Socks & Tights products!
Find the right and quality tights with studied solutions to improve your appearance, eliminate possible physical deformities or to cover your every need, such as: local thickness, treatment of cellulite with biomagnet tights
shrinking the waist, straightening or squeezing the buttocks
and always following the latest fashion trends!

At Socks & Tights we believe that the right fit and quality of material and construction of underwear is extremely important for everyone’s health. Adhering to high quality standards and with the best materials, we first ensure your health and comfort and then we take care of your appearance and mood!
Find at Socks & Tights all the classic but also more specialized lines of underwear for everyone:
faithful to the latest fashion trends
in promo moda colors and designs
for every body type, occasion or need
in all sizes
and in over 400 options!

At Socks & Tights, we care a lot about how you feel at the beach!
At Socks & Tights we place great emphasis on how you feel on the beach!
In our extremely large range that we renew every week, we have swimwear for everyone, for every body type but we also provide you with our professional advice to make the best possible